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Interested in being a Citizen Scientist?
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SALT has formed a partnership with SciStarter, City of Apache Junction’s Public Library, Arizona State University and others to develop a citizen science program to allow the citizens of the region to become involved in the study of the components, interrelationships and rhythms of the natural world within which they live, work and play.  SciStarter is
a unique organization dedicated to aiding citizens in finding, joining and contributing to science through more than
1600 formal and informal research projects and events.

The program offers a menu of modules that will allow participants to take on small study segments in the beginning and add more as their interests and curiosities increase. This program is designed to include people of all ages, from all backgrounds and experiences that are interested in science and want to become more knowledgeable of and experienced in its practice.

The base program will offer two modules: 1) The El Nino; and 2) The Garden Roots.  The El Nino is part of and shares environmental data with scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  The Garden Roots program, offered by the University of Arizona, is designed to Evaluate environmental quality and the potential exposure to contaminants of concern (COC) near resource extraction and hazardous waste sites. It provides results to participants, families and others in order to influence community prevention practices and environmental decision-making.

Citizen Science Program

The program is designed with simplicity and participant involvement in mind.  Most training is available online. Equipment will be provided at the Apache Junction Public Library via the lending library and support from Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists.   Citizen Scientists can enter their data online with personal computers, smart phone apps, and/or computers at the library.
Understanding the Rhythms of the Desert