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​The Superstition Foothills

Silly Mountain Restoration and Trail System

In 2008, the Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT) partnered with the City of Apache Junction to restore the scar on the face of Silly Mountain.
Restoration and Trail System

The scar was a 20’ wide swath of dirt and scree, devoid of any vegetation, that ran from the base to the summit of Silly Mountain and could be seen from US 60, a ½ mile away. It was a stark reminder of the damage caused by off-road vehicles to fragile desert vegetation.​

In just 6 weeks, with help from businesses, community organizations, and volunteers, the scar and other dangerous and eroded trails were closed and nine beautiful trails were built. Indigenous plants and grasses were planted in the damaged areas, and as hikers continue to use the new trails, the healing process on the damaged areas continues on Silly Mountain.

This project to restore and preserve this gem in the desert was funded by two major donations from local corporations, bequests and generous donations from local supporters.

Not everyone can donate time to conservation efforts.  We understand that but your donation is just as important to the Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT) as your time.