Be advised that Tony Ranch is owned and managed by the Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT), a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) conservation organization, for the furtherance of conservation of Sonora Desert and associated riparian ecosystems, environmental education, scientific study, and human understanding and appreciation of the natural world we live within. Tony Ranch was acquired in 2008 with funding provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ In-lieu of fee program (ILF) administered under the authority of section 404 of the Clean Water Act.  Public access to Tony Ranch is not suitable nor allowed under the auspices of the ILF program at this time. 

SALT encourages and advocates for ethical recreational practices on all public and private lands at all times.  Tony Ranch is a protected area. Anyone planning on visiting should first contact Charlie Ault at or at (480) 983-3454.  Below are the minimum ethical practices supported by SALT.

Ethical Recreation Practices While Visiting Public and Private Lands
1. Pack it in, pack it out (including human waste).
2. No camping near structures or in meadows.
3. Camping permitted only in camp site on National Forest lands.
4. No fires near structures.
5. Entry into or use of cabins not designated for public use is prohibited.
6. No charcoal fires. 
7. Fires only permitted at established fire ring at campsite on National Forest lands.
8. No tree cutting.
9. Water horses away from springs and seeps.
10. Only certified weed-free horse feed permitted.
11. High-line horses only-no hobbling.
12. Do not remove biological living or dead specimens or parts thereof and/or cultural or historical artifacts.
13. No carving, painting or otherwise marking of living or dead vegetation, structures, or geological materials.

Tony (Toney) Ranch Public Notice

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