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SALT Corporate/Business Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship Levels:

Mountain Lion        $750

Big Horn Sheep       $500

Diamondback          $250

Roadrunner             $100

Business Sponsors

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Sponsorship Levels:

Platinum        $10,000

Gold                 $5,000

Silver               $2,500

Copper            $1,000

Corporate Sponsors

Becoming a SALT corporate or business sponsor is a great way to show your support for conserving open space.  It is proven that having open space enhances everyone's quality of life and promotes a variety of economic and social benefits, such as increased property values, boosts tourism and sales at locals businesses, improved health, increased revenues for cities and municipalities, attracts new residents and businesses, better groundwater management, and more.......

Your sponsorship directly supports SALT's mission to conserve the natural Sonoran Desert open spaces surrounding the Superstition Wilderness Area for present and future generations through SALT's various awareness, education, stewardship, advocacy, partnership and scientific/ecological research programs.  It's a WIN / WIN for everyone.  Become a SALT sponsor today.  Click here to see a complete list of current SALT Corporate and Business sponsors.