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Pinal County Parks, Trails and Open Space:  Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?

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Who Is Conserving The Superstition Foothills?

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​​​​​​​​Feb 20SALT Interpretive Trail Program
               "Medicinal and Edible Plants of                       the 
Desert" |SOLD OUT 

Feb 24 - SALT Speakers Series

               "Invasive Species Are Neither, And                 Why It Matters” | 6:30 PM

                AJ Multi-Gen Center, Rm B-117

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Mar 5 - SALT Interpretive Trail Program

              SECOND HIKE ADDED

              "Medicinal and Edible Plants of the               Sonoran Desert" | 8:30 AM

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Mar 9 -   SALT Speakers Series

                "Pinal County Dark Sky Potential"

                6:30 PM | AJ Multi-Gen Center,

                Rm B-117  Click here for details.

Mar 10SPECIAL SALT Speakers Series

                Event "How to Utilize Rain Water                   in the Landscape" | 1:00 - 3:00 PM

                AJ Parks & Rec Conference Center

                (1001 N Idaho Rd)

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Mar 12 - SALT Interpretive Trail Program

                "Natural History of the

                 Superstitions" | 8:30 AM

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Mar 18 - SALT Interpretive Trail Program

                Hike in the Superstitions & See

                "What's Up" in Blooming AZ

                8:30 AM  Click here for details.

Mar 23 - SALT Speakers Series

                "A New Approach to

                Management of Arizona State

                Trust Lands" | 6:30 PM

                AJ Multi-Gen Center, Rm B-117

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Apr 13 - SALT Speakers Series

               “Long-Term Ecological Research in                 the Phoenix Metropolitan Area                     Involves Both Scientists and                           Citizens” | 6:30 PM

                AJ Multi-Gen Center, Rm B-117

Apr 27 - SALT Speakers Series

               "Growth Happens: Collaborative                     Conservation on Phoenix’s West                     Side as a Model for the East                             Valley” | 6:30 PM  AJ Multi-Gen Ctr,                   Rm B-117



 Pinal County Open Space and Trails Department partners with SALT to build new trail.  Click here for details.

​​​The Superstition Area Land Trust’s recruitment process for new volunteers is ongoing. If you would like to volunteer for SALT, click here to view volunteer opportunities and complete an online application.  Please email Carolyn Guerra at if you have questions about volunteering. We have many volunteer positions available from administrative to trail building/trail stewards and everything in between.

Thank you.

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Keep It Wild Forever

Superstition Area Land Trust

Mission: To conserve the natural Sonoran Desert open spaces surrounding the Superstition Wilderness Area for this and future generations

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State of Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT) 2015-2016

​A recap of SALT's accomplishments and future goals by Charles Ault, SALT President

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Footprints Matter Stewardship Event

A Major Success

​​On Saturday, January 16, 2016, over 250 volunteers helped clean up the Hewitt Station Road and Queen Valley Dam areas.  These sites cover almost 24 square miles in the Tonto National Forest.    

Click here to learn more about Footprints Matter and their commitment to stewardship.

Maximizing Economic Benefits and Natural Values in Pinal County:

Tools to Identify and Protect Riparian Areas

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SALT announces spring Speaker Series events

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SALT 1st Annual

"Keep It Wild"

Golf Tournament

 January 30 | Gold Canyon Gold Resort

It was a great day and everyone had a wonderful time.

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​​​Click here to find out why SALT partner Footprints Matter is focused on Stewardship for protecting and conserving our natural open spaces.